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Stolen Birds

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Stolen Birds Empty Stolen Birds

Post by Di T on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:42 pm

See for pictures of the birds and the thieves.

(If you can pass the video on it would be hugely, hugely appreciated. Even if we don't trace the birds, we still want to stop these scum from doing this to anyone else as there's been a spate of animals stolen in the local area recently. Someone even stole quails from behind the local kebab shop...)

Location: Hoo near Rochester, Medway, Kent, UK.

Contact: 01634 254298

Comments: All three are very much cuddly tame house pets despite being kept outdoors in an aviary. They're all fully flighted (or were) and haven't been in cages since they were babies ten years ago, so anyone buying them to stick in a cage will have been in for a shock. The greys were a bonded pair so it breaks my heart to think they might have been split up Sad

While the theft was two months ago, we know the one thief who's already been apprehended came from Chatham because he was outted as he went round trying to find a buyer, so it seems he didn't have an arranged market, so our hope is that if we get the word around enough SOMEONE will know the person or pet shop or whatever it might be that ended up buying them.

If you've got any friends in or around the Medway area, we'd very much appreciate you passing the video on via Facebook or Twitter or whatever in the hopes someone's friend's cousin's aunt has a neighbour who's recently bought a macaw Sad

(I copied this off the SCA site as the member asked for it to be passed on)
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