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Post by smokey on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:38 am

These are all the birds on John Haywoods files at the moment since July 2014

Tele. 01869 325699

Reference: Information

Ref: 15290/14 Found on 29.8.2014 at West Drayton Middx a Lovebird
Ref: 15289/14 Found on 13.8.2014 at Tewkesbury Gloucs a Cockatiel
Ref: 15284/14 Found on 29.8.2014 at Stoke On Trent Staffs a Conure
Ref: 15282/14 Found on 23.8.2014 at Ripon Yorks a Conure
Ref: 15274/14 Found on 24.8.2014 at Kings Cross London a Parakeet
Ref: 15260/14 Found on 20.8.2014 at Rochdale Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15256/14 Found on 18.8.2014 at Dumfries Scotland an African Grey
Ref: 15255/14 Found on 17.8.2014 at Barnet Herts a Cockatiel
Ref: 15254/14 Found on 30.7.2014 at Bromley Kent a Parakeet
Ref: 15241/14 Found on 15.8.2014 at Bushey Herts a Parakeet
Ref: 15239/14 Found on 15.8.2014 at Watford Herts a Parakeet
Ref: 15236/14 Found on 14.8.2014 at Ipswich Suffolk an African Grey
Ref: 15227/14 Found on 12.8.2014 at Rugeley Staffs a Cockatiel
Ref: 15226/14 Found on 10.8.2014 at Bromyard Herefordshire a Vasa parrot
Ref: 15219/14 Found on 3.8.2014 at Hatfield Herts an African Grey
Ref: 15218/14 Found on 7.8.2014 at New Moston Manchester a Cockatiel
Ref: 15217/14 Found on 11.8.2014 at Irchester Northants an African Grey
Ref: 15212/14 Found on 9.8.2014 at Hendon North London an African Grey
Ref: 15210/14 Found on 9.8.2014 at Bedford Beds a Cockatoo
Ref: 15205/14 Found on 8.8.2014 at Blackpool a Lovebird
Ref: 15202/14 Found on 7.8.2014 at Fareham Hants an African Grey
Ref: 15195/14 Found on 7.8.2014 at Worksop East Mids an African Grey
Ref: 15193/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Woking Surrey an Amazon
Ref: 15189/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Leeds Yorks a Senegal
Ref: 15188/14 Found on 5.8.2014 at Cawston Norfolk a Lorikeet
Ref: 15183/14 Found on 5.8.2014 at Reading Berks a Parakeet
Ref: 15182/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Richmond Surrey an Amazon
Ref: 15179/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Battersea South London a Parakeet
Ref: 15173/14 Found on 3.8.2014 at Birmingham West Mids a Quaker
Ref: 15170/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Wickford Essex a Rosella
Ref: 15169/14 Found on 4.8.2014 at Radlett Herts an African Grey
Ref: 15167/14 Found on 1.8.2014 at Leicester Leics a Senegal
Ref: 15166/14 Found on 1.8.2014 at Leicester Leics a Parakeet
Ref: 15161/14 Found on 1.8.2014 at Richmond Surrey an Amazon
Ref: 15158/14 Found on 31.7.2014 at Heswall Cheshire an African Grey
Ref: 15156/14 Found on 29.7.2014 at Willesden London a Cockatiel
Ref: 15148/14 Found on 31.7.2014 at Swindon Wilts an African Grey
Ref: 15143/14 Found on 27.7.2014 at Norwich a Parakeet
Ref: 15140/14 Found on 29.7.2014 at Corby Northants a Parakeet
Ref: 15137/14 Found on 28.7.2014 at Petersfield Hants an Eclectus
Ref: 15133/14 Found on 26.7.2014 at Congresbury North Somerset a Parakeet
Ref: 15129/14 Found on 27.7.2014 at Leicester Leics an Alexandrine
Ref: 15127/14 Found on 25.7.2014 at Knutsford Cheshire a Rosella
Ref: 15122/14 Found on 27.7.2014 at St Albans Herts an African Grey
Ref: 15113/14 Found on 24.7.2014 at Sutton Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 15112/14 Found on 24.7.2014 at Maidenhead Berks a Cockatoo
Ref: 15111/14 Found on 20.7.2014 at Sunningdale Berks a Cockatoo
Ref: 15107/14 Found on 22.7.2014 at Bartley Green Birmingham West Mids a Cockatiel
Ref: 15100/14 Found on 23.7.2014 at Hendon North London a Parakeet
Ref: 15092/14 Found on 22.7.2014 in Birmingham West Mids a Cockatiel
Ref: 15085/14 Found on 20.7.2014 at Newport South Wales a Parakeet
Ref: 15084/14 Found on 20.7.2014 at Isleworth Middx a Parakeet
Ref: 15083/14 Found on 20.7.2014 at Leigh Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15077/14 Found on 19.7.2014 at Amersham Bucks an African Grey
Ref: 15073/14 Found on 9.7.2014 at Bradford Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 15069/14 Found on 17.7.2014 at Alsager Cheshire a Caique
Ref: 15066/14 Found on 18.7.2014 at Coventry Warwks an Amazon
Ref: 15065/14 Found on 8.7.2014 at Addlestone Surrey a Cockatiel
Ref: 15059/14 Found on 18.7.2014 at Diss Norfolk a Cockatiel
Ref: 15058/14 Found on 17.7.2014 in Swansea South Wales an African Grey
Ref: 15056/14 Found on 17.7.2014 at Normanton Derbys an African Grey
Ref: 15055/14 Found on 16.7.2014 at Hull East Yorks a Parakeet
Ref: 15052/14 Found on 10.7.2014 at Shavington Cheshire a Conure
Ref: 15050/14 Found on 15.7.2014 at Chorley Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15046/14 Found on 15.7.2014 at Derby Derbys an African Grey
Ref: 15041/14 Found on 11.7.2014 at Sutton Coldfield West Mids a Conure
Ref: 15039/14 Found on 14.7.2014 at Liverpool Merseyside a Cockatiel
Ref: 15038/14 Found on 8.7.2014 at Bradford Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 15037/14 Found on 14.7.2014 at Swadlincote Derbys an Amazon
Ref: 15026/14 Found on 12.7.2014 at Leeds Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 15025/14 Found on 12.7.2014 at Teddington London a Conure
Ref: 15018/14 Found on 9.7.2014 at Smethwick West Mids an Amazon
Ref: 15010/14 Found on 5.7.2014 at Swansea South Wales a Senegal
Ref: 15008/14 Found on 1.7.2014 at Bolton Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15006/14 Found on 7.7.2014 at Gillingham Kent an African Grey
Ref: 15005/14 Found on 4.7.2014 in Birmingham West Mids an African Grey
Ref: 15001/14 Found on 5.7.2014 at Oldham Manchester an Alexandrine
Ref: 15000/14 Found on 6.7.2014 at Dagenham Essex a Lovebird
Ref: 14996/14 Found on 3.7.2014 at Llanelli South Wales an Amazon
Ref: 14995/14 Found on 7.7.2014 at Derby Derbys an African Grey
Ref: 14994/14 Found on 5.7.2014 at Palmers Green North London an Amazon
Ref: 14993/14 Found on 5.7.2014 at Blackburn Lancs a Cockatoo
Ref: 14983/14 Found on 4.7.2014 at Calke Derbys an African grey
Ref: 14977/14 Found on 4.7.2014 at Birmingham West Mids an African Grey
Ref: 14971/14 Found on 2.7.2014 at Louth Lincs a Parakeet

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Post by Kasuku on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:57 pm

Thank you for all these details Zoe, they're brilliant to cross reference with other sites.


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