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What to do if you find a parrot

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What to do if you find a parrot Empty What to do if you find a parrot

Post by **SHELL** on Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:22 pm

This is a list of useful information we have compiled to help you if FIND parrot.

What to do with a found captured bird
· Place the bird in a cage (if possible) if not you can use a cat carrier, dog crate, card board box (although they will chew out of this) or place them in a safe room to fly free in there if you have nothing suitable.
· Offer them a little food and drink as listed below
· Place the bird in the carrier in a quiet room to keep them calm and other rescues will be with you as soon as possible.

List of safe food to offer them
This is a small list of general food in your home that you can offer to a found bird.
Apple, banana, oranges, pear, strawberries, kiwi,
Carrot, peas, sweet corn
Toast with butter
Custard cream biscuits, rich teas biscuits, ginger nuts
Water, orange juice, apple juice
DON’T OVER FEED/WATER THEM as you are unaware of how long they have been out so this may cause harm.

What to do if you cant capture a found bird
If you find a bird but can not capture it please put some food out as listed above for them to come down and eat if they wish.
If the bird is injured on the floor of your garden please take a DARK none striped towel out and pick the bird up using the towel being careful not to bend wings or hold to tight, and take into a warm dark room to keep calm whilst we are on our way.
On the odd occasion it has been know for a stray bird to fly down and sit on a strangers shoulder, in this instance please walk slowly and calmly into your house and close the door to insure its safety. You can offer the food/drink listed above.

IF YOU PUT POSTERS UP FOR A FOUND PARROT, DON’T PUT ANY IDENTIFYING DETAILS LIKE WORDS/SOUND, UNUSUAL MARKINGS AND RING NUMBERS, as people could then ring any “FOUND” adverts and claim the bird for them selves. If the owner comes forward they will know all of this important information.

Give to neighbours (also ask the neighbourhood watch if you have one)
Put them in community buildings on notice boards (ask permission first)
Where people queue. Bus stops, train station, chip shops ect
Ask permission to put a poster on school notice boards
ALL local vets (not just avian vets) Internet search will bring these details up.
Put one up in supermarkets, petrol stations and local shops.
And lampposts in the area the bird was found.
Ring your local papers/radio stations to see if they will put the word out too.
Now with the internet you can also put “free” adverts on lots of places to get the word out the ones to try are;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">
Who else to inform
· the national register John Hayward RSPCA - You can register with the Missing Pets Bureau
The local police station, report the bird missing with them as some people take found birds to the police station.
Any parrot forum that you can find.

protect yourself from possible prosecution for holding onto found (but not reported) property which, it seems, constitutes theft.

If you have any other useful information that we have not added to this then please email me and I will edit the post

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