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Post by Problem_Parrots on Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:09 pm

About us at Problem Parrots  

We at problem parrots have a wealth of firsthand knowledge about what problems you may face with your parrots. We have all worked within parrot rescue organisations and have encountered behaviours like self mutilating, plucking, biting, screaming/demanding. When your parrot starts to display these issues you may look for help and advice but often don’t find what you are looking for and then turn to "rescue's" so this is where problem parrots can help you!

We have set up this site so that we can work with you and the behaviour your parrot is displaying and try and regain a happy home rather than having no one to help you and seeking to hand your bird over to rescues.

Handing your bird over to a rescue is not a bad thing, but we at problem parrots feel you should have all the tools you need to work at these issues at home before you make that final lasting decision to part with your lifelong friend.

We can also offer knowledgeable holiday homes, nail cutting throughout the midlands area.

Although we can offer you help and support with behaviours we are NOT professional consultants nor are we vets, but we have worked for many years with the behaviours you may be experiencing so can offer you real life advice.

So if you have any concerns with regards to your birds health you should consult with your avian vet. A full listing of good avian vets can also be found on this site.

Like a Star @ heaven Problem Parrots has been set up to help you with problems you may face with your feathered friend Like a Star @ heaven

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