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Changes to Problem Parrots

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Changes to Problem Parrots Empty Changes to Problem Parrots

Post by **SHELL** on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:56 pm

Ok, now i have spoke to all people i can now share the news of how problem parrots is going to be changing.

WE are going to be known as a "charity" but NOT a registered one as we dont want the hassle of running a charity that earns over £5000 a year!
We are going to be opening up the help and advice to all over the UK (as im doing this already) and im going to be recruiting Problem advisors to cover the whole of the uk.
We are going to be charging for home visit help only, email help will still be free BUT we will now be asking nicely for donations....

The dontations will be for THE ISLAND PARROT SANCTUARY.
All money problem parrots raise will go to them! they are a registered charity and need alot more money than us! problem parrots only cost is the name and thats £2 a year..... so to help the birds we have chose them as many of us have some reason to be thank full to them!

I have applied to set up a bank account for this reason so we can see what money comes in and where its going! it WILL not be spent on anything but helping birds at the parrot sanctuary!

This means we can also go out fundraising and education people at the same time accross the uk! all in the name of a good cause.
We will be asking for all members who can to attend an AGM meeting soon as we need to recruit a board of trustees....

I hope you are all happy with the changes, i know the admin team and staff at the island parrot sanctuary are as we get to help and educate people (our main aim) and also raise money for a good cause!!!!

I have started a new post in members chat for people to talk about the changes and let us know what you think.

If any one would like to be involved in the fundraising please let me know.


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