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What this site is about!

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What this site is about! Empty What this site is about!

Post by Problem_Parrots on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:53 pm

This site is set up for people to chat, help people with problems they may face with their parrots. People should be free to say their own oppinions.
The modorating team will be looking for abuse but people oppinions will NOT be removed.
If you do read an oppinion that you dont "agree with" then please make this known in a NICE way! dont abuse any one just state pure facts.
People should be made to feel free to speak their minds with out being shot down or abused.

We hope people stick to this simple rule and gain lots of information from this forum.

Problem Parrots.

Like a Star @ heaven Problem Parrots has been set up to help you with problems you may face with your feathered friend Like a Star @ heaven

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